Friday, July 16, 2010

THE OLD SCHOOL launched in old school style

The plan was for a very small, informal, family and friends style book launch.

But when you come from a large family the numbers pretty soon blow out, the room is full and 2/3rds of the people in it are blood relations.  It's part-reunion, part-launch, part good old style get together, with the added advantage of it not being a funeral.

So that's pretty much what it was at the Warringah Bowlo on Wednesday night.

After a last minute stress out when the small domestic sized oven refused to light, and the large intimidating industrial sized gas range had us all quaking in our boots, until we were rescued by a lady bowler, who was the only one in town who knew how to coax the big fella into action. The oven alight, 100 quiches, some spanakopita and samosas stowed away, room set up (thanks Camilla) and then it was drinking, eating, talking, launching and book signing.

Thanks to Sophie for being a great agent and and masterful MC, and to Jo Rosenberg my editor from Penguin who came up for the night, and to Jon Page, from Pages and Pages for doing the official launch business.

Jon Page Launching THE OLD SCHOOL, while Sophie, myself and Jo watch.

An old-school launch at an old-school bowlo beneath an old-school honour board listing the past presidents of the club.


Thank you to all who came a shared the night. I felt like I spoke to everyone and no one, as the faces kept flashing past. I wish you all an entertaining ride back to the early 90s in THE OLD SCHOOL.

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