Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Old School in airports, in the wild and in performance.

Thanks to the roving reporters out there - some more shots of The Old School snapped in the wild.

Snapped at Sydney Airport.

Thanks for snapping this Mark and Alison for sending it in. Though I'm still jealous that you were en route to Port Douglas at the time! Brrrrrrrrrrr, I'd swap Sydney for some warmth just at the minute.

Spotted in Shearers at Leichhardt.

Thanks Neerav! Though you may have caused consternation and head scratching by those what keep the shelves in order. :)

Looking good enough to eat at Melbourne Airport.

Thanks to JoAnne for snapping this despite no doubt shivering like an extra on the set of Dr Zhivago as she and Bronwyn took their Darwin acclimatized bodies south to Melbourne in mid-winter. Big Brrrrrrrrrr.

Spotted at The Constant Reader in Crows Nest.

My "local" - and spotted skulking very UC style between the shelves was Ethel, aided and abetted by David.  Cover out too! Wooo Hooo! Thanks to you both for your mission. And to Ethel for making sure the libraries of the Sutherland Shire will have access to The Old School.

Had a grand old time over the weekend going to the official opening Mini Writers Fest at the new Dulwich Hill branch of Gleebooks.  On Saturday heard Georgia Blain read from her new work Darkwater - a young adult novel set in the early 70s and (in the slice we heard) reeking of those long hot summers of childhood, which were not always glorious but on occasion filled with the painful business of bad decisions. Charlotte Wood then gave us a sneak peek of a work in progress and had the room nodding and barracking for her character's attempts to silence the dreaded leaf blower.

On Sunday I joined a packed house to listen to David Marr and Annabel Crabb discuss what happened to Kevin. Then to Airlie Lawson give a peek inside the business of the book business via her novel Don't Tell Eve and Robyn Catchlove paint a picture of life up the top end before I took my spot in the window, and talked a little about what "place" in crime novels is all about and then read a little from The Old School about a place a little further up the road. Then I was relieved by Anne Summers and was able to dash outside and catch up with the Wake-Paljor family and promise to do bookclub with Kate's inner west bookclub gang. They meet in cafes - hopefully licensed ones.
For a good review of the weekend check out LizaBelle's blog

And I'll be doing another event with Gleebooks on Friday the 13th August back at the Glebe mothership - so come along and we can chat about crime. Check out the Gleebooks website for information and bookings.

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