Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More OLD SCHOOL snapped in the wild PLUS talking in the TARDIS

Nearly two weeks since P Day and it's been a lot of fun so far.

There have been some more sightings of THE OLD SCHOOL ...

Dechen, (displaying her clear potential for a big future as a weather wench) found (and pointed out) some copies at Shearers on Norton Street, Leichhardt. Thanks Kate Wake for sharing.

Meanwhile over in Chatswood, Juliette was restrained by David from removing THE OLD SCHOOL from the shelf and placing it in the Number 1 spot out near the front door. Juliette might have found herself in a spot of bother from Border(s) Security if she tried!

Me, I'm just happy to see it cover out ... wooo hooo!

Then last night, a sighting in Dymocks from my old university mate Nigel Bartlett (remember that name - a great crime novel is being brewed in that head as we speak).

I have also had the chance to talk to some great people across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia over the past couple of weeks. Some for print interviews, some pre-recorded interviews and some LIVE. If any turn up as podcasts I'll link them up.

It's been interesting to respond to the range of questions - some focus on the past life in The Job, some on teasing out what we can of the book without blowing the twists and turns, some have been fascinated by the time in India, others by the time in Africa and the music. Just goes to show, live long enough, make enough career U-Turns and you too will have a rich tapestry to draw on.

Then on Monday my inner geek got a real thrill.

I did four interviews for various ABC Regional radio programs from the ABC TARDIS at Ultimo. Yes, that's what they have named their live radio booths, where you slide in and talk to the regions and the sound quality comes out as pure as if you were sitting in the same room.

And they call it the TARDIS.

This is why we love Aunty.

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