Tuesday, January 11, 2011

B2 D1.5

Realising that I've been a tad slack about updating the blog - the new year is here and already into double figures!

So Happy New Year to all. May it bring stories to tell for one and all.

Busy being busy here, still working away on B2 D1.5 (that's Book 2 Draft 1.5). The 1.5 is because the majority of it is first draft plus a read through and re-draft whilst a small but significant section is fresh - very fresh - smoking, steaming fresh - some of it, in fact, is still "cookie dough" to borrow an analogy. Which is to say, I'm still at the stomach knotting, knuckle gnawing stage where I wonder if the story I have to tell and the way I want to tell it is going to work. No way to know for sure until it's finished and being read, so press on.

I've started to send out bits to be read by a trusted set of eyes. We're "doing it like Dickens" - starting at the beginning and moving on. It's good because it gives me the sense that the story is in motion, so to speak. But I'm still to get my head around releasing it into the editing/drafting process in a much rawer state than The Old School. That's when I get the stomach churning, knuckle gnawing, yips again.

I did get to take my mind off my own long-dark-tea-time-of-the-soul for the traditional five day pilgrimage to the SCG for the New Years Test. Nothing like seeing a team of cricketers being comprehensively humbled, before a huge crowd to put things in perspective. The fact it was an Ashes Test just made it hurt more.

The Barmy Army were in full voice (have to admit, it is good to see them finally get the team they deserve). Twenty thousand voices singing "The mighty - mighty - English" (and other much ruder things to Mitchell Johnson) was rather traumatising by Day 4. That's how I felt and I was only in the stands - I imagine Mitch Johnson might need therapy.

I confess to returning home and watching the South Africa V India game on the telly at night, to remind myself of what a real contests looked like. Steyn and Tendulkar both at the top of their games. Magic.

And ..... oh yes.

Indulged in a little extra-curricular fun involving a short story and a cylon.



  1. I also made it to the SCG for days three and four, but well, I'm English, so didn't suffer quite as much. :) (Also, I have to admit I found the Mitchell Johnson chant pretty funny, at least the first time.)

    Was delighted to see you posting at Beginning of Line! I'm still not caught up with season one yet, but I look forward to reading. And of course, to reading B2 when it sees the light of day!

  2. Hi Lizabelle,

    I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the sun at the SCG (metaphorically speaking, not wishing sunstroke on you). I keep remembering how many of the English team were part of the 5-0 side here - and that gives me hope for the future. Though I think the future is a long way distant.

    Caprica divided people. It was a bit uneven, but fit to busting with potential. I'm sad it didn't get to find its feet. (Looking back on season one DS9 is a good example of some bright spots and a lot of the cringe-worthy).

    Anyhoo, enough of this, I have a B2 D1.5 to rassle.