Sunday, February 16, 2014

A glimpse of what is to come.

This probably sounds strange coming from a writer - after all, I make stuff up and write it down and then put it out for anyone to read. But that's the stuff I make up and I guess that's the difference between it and the stuff writers do as part of the promotion of a new book.

It's always odd (for me) to see myself, or hear myself and today has been one of those "odd" days.

I've been very fortunate to have been interviewed by Linda Morris of the Sydney Morning Herald in advance of the publication of Beams Falling. We had a very thoughtful conversation about some of the themes in the book, such as the fear that comes with being a copper, and the heavy weight of carrying a weapon.

The result is this lovely piece by Linda in today's Fairfax papers. Thank you Linda for your insightful questions. 

I also owe a great debt of thanks to Peter Rae, the photographer from Fairfax, who met me at Cabramatta and despite having a stiff, awkward, shy subject to work with took a great photo, which I was delighted to see had caught the monks from one of the local temples who'd been on their morning alms rounds.

Thanks, Peter.

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