Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finding The Secret River at the end of your street.

Over the last couple of months I've had the opportunity to write a few articles on various subjects for the ABC's online opinion pages at The Drum.

Today they've published a piece I wrote after seeing the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Kate Grenville's wonderful novel, The Secret River.

I won't go into detail here about how both the book and the play affected me. You can read it at The Drum.

What I thought might be interesting is to share some photos of the place I talk about in the piece. A headland ten minutes from the heart of Sydney's CBD, still rich with the traces of the people who lived here for thousands of years, the Cameraygal.

The entrance to the Gadyan Track.

The sandy cove beneath the rock shelf and carving.

Sandstone carving. You can still see the 4 round scars left by the park bench.

Stands of red gums.

The red gums' flesh glows in the afternoon light.

The shoreline of sandstone and oysters.

The storyboard asks you to 'Imagine this scene in 1787' and sketches the headlands of Balmain, Mort Bay, White Bay.

The setting for the final scene in my novel.

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