Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's time to #PhrockUp for #Phryne

If you've been watching the wonderful Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on ABC on Friday nights then you'll know that the fabulous Phryne Fisher really knows how to frock up.

 See what I mean?

I'm absolutely delighted to be speaking with Miss Fisher's creator, Kerry Greenwood at the Sydney Writers' Festival on Sunday 20 May. I was a frustrated fan last year at the gathering of the clans, aka The She Kilda Sisters in Crime Festival, when my panels clashed with Kerry's talks about the upcoming TV series.

This year ABC are really giving Australian crime writing a red hot go - Miss Fisher is a rich, lush romp that remains true to the novels' subversive take on cosy crime. Later in the year we can look forward to Peter Temple's Jack Irish taking to the screen in the guise of the perfectly cast Guy Pearce. It's great to see the national broadcaster seeking out and investing in local stories and doing them with flair.

So if you're in Sydney in May I'd encourage you to find something fabulous in the wardrobe, fire up the Hispano-Suiza, and come along to the Sydney Writers' Festival and #Phrockup for #Phryne.

PS: If you're a writer with a crime inside then you might want to pop along to a workshop I'm running for the SWF - Doin' Crime on Sunday May 13. Many potential crime writers often see doing the crime as the most difficult part of the book. In the workshop we're going to look at how the crime element of your work can inform character and plot and place.

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