Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Final Cover has landed ...

..... and, just quietly, I reckon it looks pretty fine.

What's even finer is discovering what a generous mob of writers are out there. 

When you consider that reading a book is not something that you can just knock off in a bit of spare time between lunch and arvo tea, you realise what a big ask it is to have someone agree to read the work of an unknown writer. When the people you are asking to donate a big chunk of their time to do this are people who have their own books to write, stories break, and deadlines to meet, then you can only say with sincere gratitude - thank you.

I have been lucky enough to have garnered three "you can quote me"s for The Old School, from Graeme BlundellMatthew Reilly and Andrew Rule.

To three very good blokes indeed,  let me say - thank you. I hope to be able to buy each of you a rather large (insert drink of choice here) one day very soon.

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